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Building STEAM Testimonial

Jacqui Spurgeon, mother of Building STEAM participant Tamyra Spurgeon said, "Tamyra needed a mentor and the Building STEAM program is so amazing,” Jacqui said. “It’s exactly how I wanted to help her get closer to her dreams. Tamyra fell in love with the program from day one and would effusively talk about her experiences after field trips.”

Building STEAM Lab Photo

“I will always be grateful to The Links for seeing her potential and giving her scholarships to participant in programs at the Pacific Science Center day camp and the University of Washington. My children are rising thanks to the amazing Building STEAM program.”

Jacqui said that Tamyra even inspired her to go back to school and earn three degrees in two years - a high school diploma, an Associate’s degree in billing and coding, and a professional certification in Medical bills from South Seattle Community College.

Building STEAM Participants

“Being involved in the Greater Seattle Links Building STEAM programs has been a very positive experience for both me and my daughter,” Jacqui stated.

As Tamyra looks to her future, she has declared that she is meant to change the world by becoming a surgeon, which will allow her to not only change the world, but to change someone’s life. And with her intelligence, determination and support from initiatives like the Greater Seattle (WA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated’s Building STEAM program, there’s no doubt that Tamyra will realize her dreams and become Dr. Spurgeon.

Seattle Chapter Executive Board

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