Our Chapter

Greater Seattle Links, Incorporated

The Links, Incorporated is a volunteer service organization of concerned, committed, and talented women who, linked in friendship, enhance the quality of life in the larger community. The organization is primarily concerned with enriching, sustaining and ensuring the identities, culture and economic survival of African-Americans and persons of African descent.

To contribute to the formulation of a positive, productive, and culturally diverse society. The Links, Incorporated also focuses on education, cultural enrichment, health and wellness and civic involvement. Within the Greater Seattle area, our community service focuses on youth – with an emphasis on STEAM-related experiential learning, educational access and scholarship, and improving and uplifting the quality of life of African Americans and our broader communities.




We collaborate with museums, symphonies, art councils, educational institutes, and corporations to support art programs that focus on artists of color.



Through education, health advocacy, and optimal utilization of health resources, we promote and facilitate programs that support the maintenance of good health and the elimination of chronic health disparities in communities of color.



We create community programs that increase awareness of issues that affect the quality of life of African-Americans.



We expand the global platform for programs designed and developed to serve the educational, health and cultural needs of people of African descent throughout the world.




Through the recognition of academic excellence and the awarding of scholarships to middle school girls, we are focused on creating a culture of achievement among our youth.


Jeanette James


Phyllis Turner-Brim, J.D.

Vice President

Beth C. Long Salaguinto

Recording Secretary

Joanne Harrell

Corresponding Secretary

Sheila Edwards Lange, Ph.D.


Carol Brown

Financial Secretary

Mary E. Pugh

Immediate Past President

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Adrienne Y. Allen

Samantha Ashford

Cherry A. McGee Banks, Ed.D.

Gayle Colston Barge, Ed.D.

Kimberly Ann Bell, M.D.

Carol Brown

Deryl J. Brown-Archie, J.D.

La Tasha Byers

Frances Carr (1*)

Lucile Carter-Perry *

Vivian Caver (1*)

Andrea M. Chatard

Patricia Chatard, Ph.D.*

Faye Rosalind Chess, J.D.

Iris Childress

Roxanne Christian

Anita Johnson Connell, M.D.*

Tracy Davis

LaNesha DeBardelaben

Maya Dillard

Patricia Dunston*

Juli E. Farris, J.D.

Kia C. Franklin, J.D.

Bonnie J. Glenn, J.D.

Robin S. Green

Terri Hackett, Ph.D.

Sonja Greene Hampton, Ed.D.*

Joanne Harrell

Mary Turner Henry (1*)

Wanda J. Herndon

Tracy M. Hilliard, Ph.D.

Winona Hollins Hauge, MSW

Gwendolyn H. Howard, J.D. *

Nicole Hudson, J.D.

Jeanette James

Beryl (Nina) Jennings, Ph.D., MFA

Jonelle M.C. Johnson

Lazelle S. Johnson (1*)

Janine M. Jones, Ph.D.

Leslie Diane Jones

Mona Lake Jones, Ed.D. *

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Jan R. Kendle

Sheila Edwards Lange, Ph.D.

Ninevah Rudolph Lowery

Margaret Morris Martinez

Susan L. Mask, J.D.

Carmen Mayo

Anena Metoyer

Norma J. McKinney *

Tanzee Miller

Angela Mitchell-Corbin

Constance Leigh Proctor, J.D.

Mary E. Pugh

Deborah Purce, J.D.

Marcella Fleming Reed, J.D.

Constance Williams Rice, Ph.D. *