Johnson Hackett

Partnership Director

Prior to my current position as Partnership Director at Equal Opportunity Schools, I was the Student Ombudsman/Title IX Coordinator at Alabama State University, in Montgomery, Alabama. Served as the chief advocate for students in a confidential environment, supporting their successes as they navigate collegiate responsibilities in pursuit of their degrees. Previously, I directed intensive, targeted support to all 1300 students in the College of Health Professions at Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland Iensured a seamless transition of recruited students into the Nursing and Allied Health Programs. My entire career has been based on advocacy and support of students of color. I believe all students can go to college and be successful if they are provided the tools they need in their toolbox. I love my work at EOS because I believes school districts want to provide more access and equity for students of color and they are open using and maintaining the services EOS provides for long time success. I would like to work with other Links in the area of students and their success. I know we have the STEAM program and we provide scholarships, but is there more we can do in the community in general and with young people specifically? My desire to work tirelessly to ensure students go to college, have the tools they need to be successful whatever that looks like for them, and teach them the importance of giving back to their community.


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